ikc. design

It seems like a lot of my posts lately have dealt with goods created by recycling various materials. I suppose that's a good thing given the current state of affairs in modern day society. ikc. design features fun checkbook covers created using reclaimed children's books. There's a wide variety of styles to choose from ranging from Star Wars Ewoks to Dr. Seuss characters. I love this one made using a page from Richard Scarry's "Busy Workers." These quirky products are a fun accessory that might make bill paying a tad less painful!


Kandice said...

that's really cute! i love it too!

Miriam said...

Hi & nice to meet you. I see you're another Texas girl! Cute pup you have there.

Thanks for stopping by my Flickr page and adding me as a contact. Always pleased to know of a great place that features crafters and artists. I added your blog to my Index of Indie, too.

Dana said...

Oh, I have to have a Seuss one of something!! It doesn't even matter what. Let's hope it helps me pay up(not much does...hehehe).