Project 52

The Internet is overflowing with information, challenges and inspiration. Sometimes we feel overstimulated & flooded with information that doesn't seem easy to apply to our own projects. But Project 52 is a unique site that provides weekly step-by-step directions on how to make unique items, take photos, create original corners in your home, organize your supplies, write with your heart, capture you and those you love, and turn inspiration into reality. These guidelines & projects will inspire you to create your own little masterpieces & treasures.

Project 52's monthly guest instructors include lots of well-known artists, such as Rachel Denbow, Amy Tangerine & Ashley Wren. These creative women will lead you through various crafts, projects, gift ideas, photography, organization, inspiration, & techniques while sharing their philosophies on all things crafty.

Sign up before February 1st & pay only $52.00 for the WHOLE year. That is one dollar a lesson! (Membership will cost $78.00 after January 31st) You can sign up at any time & all lessons are archived so you can access them whenever you'd like. Give yourself this fabulous gift to yourself & start the new year with purpose in your crafting. Contact Courtney at with any questions.


love.boxes said...

That sounds like a great site. Thanks for the tip! :)