Three Dog Party

Three Dog Party's motto is "Craft fast, die old, and leave a messy room!" I love it. And look at their logo. Those dogs on typewriters are killing me! I love the secretary silhouette that adorns patches, hoodies, and tote bags. The typing dog I am so crazy about can also be found on this tee. Isn't the air mail postcard fun, too? You can get the same graphic on a cute striped tee, as well.

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Cheryl Wray said...

I love the dogs on the typewriters too! As a writer, I really appreciate thatI I think I'm heading off to order one of those!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Have you ever checked out Really cool jewelry, tshirts, journals. Just happened upon it and looked like something you'd like (forgive if you've already spotlighted it before). Hey, I gotta find some "funky finds" to win this contest!! LOL

Leigh said...

love the dogs on the typewriters know I am crazy about all cool dog stuff :)

susan said...

love these too! something about old typewriters make me go crazy....

ngaire Bartlam said...

Hey girl! LOVE this tshirt.. and this is a new fav of mine.. The Black Apple.:)

LOVE the dollies..
so cute ( and ever so slightly freaky..)

Keep it up girl LOVE this blog of yours! :)

MARYBETH said...

LOOOOVE their MOtto! off to check them out!