Madame Butterfly Gallery

Shae Reid, a lovely soul from Victoria, Australia, has recently started a shop called Madame Butterfly Gallery with her father. They decided to embark on this journey in order to make shopping a glamorous experience for shoppers from the luxury of their own home. The boutique offers many beautiful presents & luxurious treats. There's great wedding gifts such as the bride & groom mugs and bride & groom pillow cases. There's also whimsical gifts like the bunny radio which I adore! And how cute are the cupcake tees? Madame Butterfly also offers lots of unique jewelry and accessories, as well as home decor pieces. I am dying to get my own set of desperate housewives wire corsets. Check out all the exciting products & other offerings on this site such as the creative cabinet and the fortune cookie section. Shae says she will ship most products to any location in the world, excluding very large items that would cost a bundle to ship.


Plastic said...

Any chance you'll be at CKU here in Houston??? If so you will get to see me and 9 other girls from my dorm make fools of ourselves on stage.