Puppies & Babies

I read about Puppies & Babies on the Happy Mundane blog one day. They have got a great collection of goodies for your puppies & babies (obviously), but also for cats & big people too. They've got these delightful bathing products for you pooch that sound delightful, complete with adorable packaging! And would you look at these terrific pet beds? I love the bright Tokyo Pop bed. Now my pooch does not like clothing one bit, but they have several great tops (outfits?) to choose from if you so desire. I love the gift section which includes these great bone frames and adorable stationery. For your babies we have these fabulous funky monkey booties, this great headphones tee, and this adorable pug penny bank. Read about the great couple & pets behind this fantastic shop here!


i *heart* paper said...

Yea! I love Wag Happy cards...we were booth neighbors at NSS a couple of years ago :-)