Funktion is a cool operation run by Tara & Dave, a husband & wife team that design the goods. They have a lot of great apron designs, my favorite being Jessica, of course. Raquel is pretty great, too. There's also beautiful aprons for the kiddies. I really love the wonderful dishtowels, especially the denim strawberries and the peony floral print. They have also created several beautiful hampers (does beautiful usually describe a hamper?). And for those of you lucky enough to go to the beach regularly, there are these great mats you'll want to take along.


thebutterflycollector said...

this site is fabulous! Gorgeous Aprons!You just need to throw an afternoon tea party to show them off!!!

sulu-design said...

I love the hampers. They'd be great for storage of toys and out-of-season clothes, too.