The Chocolate Lab

Yesterday I received a fabulous swap package from Amanda Torris of New Jersey. In this package I found lots of great goodies, including homemade dog treats for my chihuahua Abigail. Anyone who treats my pet well is a winner in my book! Amanda now sells her wonderful organic treats on her site The Chocolate Lab. She started making them about a year ago after getting a beautiful Labrador named Molly Brown. She is pictured on the site & is a beautiful pooch. You can see all the varieties of treats in Amanda's Etsy shop. The Looks Like Lobster, Tastes Like Chicken treats are a riot! She also has different bandanas you can dress your pooch up in. And don't miss all the adorable pictures in the pet gallery. Amanda has the cutest fans!


Leigh said...

What a cute name... the chocolate lab :)

For the contest is is odd to link to my own site? If not, I think my new 2007 calendar is a funky find:

Karyn said...

Those puppy bandanas are a hoot! Thanks again for pointing me in the direction of another awesome crafty person!

Handmade Girl said...

I need to get some bandanas for Doc... He is my stylish dog.

The Poetess said...

Amanda is by far an amazing business woman (and friend). I'm so happy that word of her adorable company and it's namesake are getting around! My EmmaLou loves the carob chip cookies, herself!

Mary Contrary said...

SOOO cute! Too bad I don't have a dog!!

Jenny Holiday said...

Ohhh...Carlos mini would go berzerk over these!!! I know what he will be getting in his stocking this year!!
I just found your fab blog a few days ago!!! I am so excited to have a new place to visit for inspiration and fun!! thanks bunches!!
Not sure if it is Kosher to talk up our own "stuff"....if so...Our vintage inspired "Cake Art" may be up the alley of some!
Thanks bunches for all of the fun!! Happy Blogging!!
xoxo Jenny..a new Fan!!!

(it is all one link..copy/paste all)

The Chocolate Lab- Organic Cookies for your Dog! said...

Awww thank you so much for featuring my cookies! I'm so glad that Ms. Abigail enjoys everything!!!!!

And now, for my funky find:

Jenn makes hand knit cuffs that are TO DIE for.

KiWi said...

We got our dog, blueberry, the beggin' blueberry cookies. She loved them

Penny said...

Oooh...I;m always looking for new goodies to get for my 'kids'!

Here's ONE of my funky finds (although I love the whole site!). Vintage Paper Packs, since I am a scrapper!