Blueberry Bandit

Sara Kirkpatrick is the creative force behind Blueberry Bandit. She says she spends her free time creating cupcakes, birds & funny looking animals with bad habits. Here's a wonderful print of a bunny playing hooky. Sweaty the Horse is cracking me up! And here's a yummy cupcake greeting card for you. Of course I'd be remiss if I didn't bring your attention to the Stinky greeting card! Check out all of Sara's wonderful work today.


RANDI said...

Hi there,

It is fun to check in here and see all the fun(ky) things you post here!

I wanted to tell you that the URL you leave in my comments is missing the "g" in blogspot so it is hard to link back to your site. I know how to get here but others may not. You have such a fun site and I hate to think that people can't find you! ;)