Indie Fixx

There's a cool new contest over at Indie Fixx called the I Support Indie Knockout Contest. You sign up by entering your name, email address & a blurb about how you are the biggest indie supporter ever. The best entries will be chosen & then a poll will be set up for viewers to vote on who's the biggest supporter. Sound fun? Of course! And the prize back is full of cool goods from Dear Monday, A Planet 4 Creation, Manic Trout, Spipo Designs, and Starchild Crafts. I plan to do future write ups about the cool goods these shops have to offer. In the meantime, sign up for the Indie Fixx contest by September 30. And be sure to check out all the awesome indie goods featured on their blog daily.


*Fauve* said...

LOVE your Blog,i check it out every day!!