Creative Chaos Artistic Stamps

My favorite pair of artistic sisters, Linda Woods & Karen Dinino, recently mentioned Creative Chasos' cool stamps on their blog, Visual Chronicles. People tend to spell their names wrong (or miss the mark completely) when writing about them. I copied & pasted their names right off their blog, so if they're wrong it is not my fault. (Love ya girls!) Vickie Enkoff is Creative Chaos & she has a wonderful collection of rubber stamps, as well as art accessories & zines that she has published. The background stamps are very cool & would be perfect for collages & other projects. My favorite stamps are the hands, especially the large pointing hand. I also like the vintage labels & tags stamps. You will find stamps in just about any category you can imagine. Take some time to browse...I don't think you will be disappointed.


Vickie Enkoff said...

Wow, thanks for spreading the word about my stamps! I love images that work well in collage and my line reflects that. Your blog looks great and is a great resource for finding more places to check out on the web!

sulu-design said...

Yes! I love rubber stamps and am excited to check out this new resource for them. Thanks.