Doodle and Hoob

Artist Jill Bogart spends her days with a boy (Doodle), a dog (Hoob), and a new baby (Doodle calls her Purple). In her spare time, she stocks her site, Doodle and Hoob with wonderful illustrations. I've made my love of hedgehogs well-known through the years, and seeing Among the Fiddleheads I know my love has not waned. Jill also has some wonderful illustrations that incorporate sea life, such as Walrus Portrait No. 1 (love the bow!) and Tri-State Trekin'. I also like the images of inanimate objects, including the medicine cabinet and the specimen collection. Learn more about Jill's work through her blog and more of her work can be seen in her online gallery.


Karen@Zoe's Bag Boutique said...

Thanks for featuring this artist! I love hedgehogs too, but that squirrel with the pie is one great image! I just love it!