The Shops @ Funky Finds

Have you checked out The Shops @ Funky Finds lately? It has been filling up with lots of wonderful products as of late.

1. Alphabulous offers a variety of goods including Lil Sis or Big Sis fabric letters that can be ironed on any t-shirt or pillow case creating a fantastic gift.

2. Looking for a hostess or housewarming gift? Check out the lovely aprons Cecilia's Bags Plus has to offer.

3. Cut Out And Collect has a fun selection of fabric pouches, my favorite being the Sweet Tarts zip pouch. Purchase these products in person at the Funky Finds Spring Fling on April 25!

4. Project TransAction features limited edition tees, hand screened accessories, and high quality, handmade recycled leather cuffs and belts. I love the red and black Amusement Park Cuff.

5. Robbie Jenkins, another great Spring Fling vendor, creates unique mixed media artwork and jewelry. I Pushed Humpty Dumpty is a seemingly sweet, but sinister, piece.

6. Evilmommy's mantra is recycle, up-cycle, and create. The recycled girls dress that is upcycled to create a spring purse is a perfect example of this.