Dear Kiki

Katie Kaapcke, also known as Kiki, is an artist, writer and comic book maven. Her art is cute, sometimes gory and full of humor and snark, which, according to Katie, is much like herself. It is apparent when looking at her artwork that she is always trying to find the humor in life and I appreciate that. Dear Kiki showcases her original paintings, giclee prints, ACEO cards and stationery. Nerd is the New Black is one of three paintings in Kiki's new nerd series. For some reason, I always find mustaches to be very humorous. Perhaps that is why the Mustache Bandit appeals to me so. And, I especially like the wood paintings, including the Octopus, or Octi. Learn more about Katie's work through her blog.


hint said...

Thanks for the heads up on this artist! I love her shop :)

chloejessica said...

I like her paintings and her blog! :)