Earth Day Every Day

Many crafters make Earth Day every day by recycling and upcycling products to create new items. You can learn more about Earth Day and going green through the Earth Day Network.

1. 2ReVert creates one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces out of 100% post-consumer recycled skateboards (old, used, broken skateboards). I love the pink teardrop necklace.

2. Dallas-based recycling artists Linda Perry McLemore & Rebecca RedFox create beautiful jewelry using bits of glass. Jazzwraps features recycled glass wrapped with jazz.

3. Rumplesacs is a timeless solution to the ever-needed shopping bag. The bags are available in a variety of fabrics & can be folded in numerous ways to accommodate your needs.

4. Whiner & Diner creates wine crate serving trays, storage boxes & pet feeders that make the most unusual, eco-friendly gifts for those who love wine and/or pets. I especially like the wine crate serving trays & wine crate toy boxes.

5. LaAlicia, a Spring Fling vendor, recycles cigar boxes to create unique purses and clocks.

6. Aloha Bottle Cap Earrings are individually hand-crafted on the North Shore of Oahu with recycled bottle caps. The Hawaiian style pairs will add fun and flair to your ensemble this summer.

7. Baubles, Bangles & Beans is a terrific shop filled with jewelry created using real coffee beans. The designer, Judy, search through fresh bags of organic Fair-Trade coffee beans to find the best matches, then designs the earrings using wire and either wooden, metal, or glass beads.

8. Shopflick has established itself as one of the premiere spots to find unique environmentally conscious labels ranging from The Battalion's Eco-Couture bamboo and organic cotton to EcoSkin’s environmentally sustainable luxury fabrics. Be sure to catch the Earth Day Hall of Style webisode that demystifies what the term “eco-friendly clothing” means.