Lazy May

Lately I have thoroughly enjoyed doing embroidery. I find it to be so calming, relaxing & rewarding. Lazy May is a great website featuring quirky and fun embroidery patterns. I love the Bags of Bags set featuring five large funky bag designs. Oo la la is another fun set of patterns with nine pairs of knickers. These would look great on a laundry or make-up bag, the perfect gift for your girl friends. Lazy May also has free downloadable stitching how-to's that are very helpful. And, if you're new to embroidery, don't fret. There's also a page that illustrates how to do several different stitches.


Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

Thanks for the tip. I was on a big embroidery kick before the baby was born and now that things are getting more settled I need to round up some new patterns. P.s. I have a Funky Finds blog post scheduled, hope planning is going well. Talked to a girl here in Austin the other day who was pumped about doing your show.