2 Chix

2 Chix was created by two creative chix, Natasha Koudsi and Amy Bright, looking for cool unique gifts. They knew their design ideas were fresher & funkier so they started their own line. The duo offers an entire line of maternity wear that is super-hip, comfy, & affordable. The burnout maternity tunics are made to fit "mamanistas" looking for 9 months of comfort and 40 weeks of sexy. This super hot tee looks great alone or paired over one of our versatile solid skirts or some comfy leggings. I love the humorous tees, such as With Bump Not Plump and You Had Me At Epidural. 2 Chix also offers a variety of knit skirts that can be dressed up or down for various occasions. And soon-to-be Dads need some attention, as well. Check out the Daddy Tees so men can get in on the action, too! Receive 20% off with coupon code FUNKY20 (good through June 30).