Greenbelts are unique accessories that are handmade from recycled leather belts. Many of the embellishments, such as bottlecaps, are also recycled materials. Created by Shannon Ritscher, Greenbelts are funky one-of-a-kind pieces that will add interest to your wardrobe. The waist cinching white patent leather belt is made from four recycled/reclaimed leather and man-made belts. I also love the asymmetrical low-slung white and silver belt that is very cool. In addition to belts, Shannon creates cuffs, dog collars and leashes using reclaimed goods. And, for the extremely fashionable pet and pet owner, there's the matching cuff and collar sets. I think Abby and I need the chocolate leather pieces that are adorned with pink buttons!


Chey-Anne Smart said...

Very cool!

Shannon Ritscher said...

I think you need the pink button set too! ;) Thanks so much for the feature. What a nice surprise! I really appreciate your support.

-Shannon @ Greenbelts

raissa said...

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