Trash but Chic

Carla Gallas is a Brazilian living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her background includes being an antique dealer for over 18 years, as well as a jewelry designer. Trash but Chic showcase the work she creates by combining types of vintage-based materials, such as vintage lucite & embroideries, with woven steel, leather, and silk. Her contemporary designs utilize recycled materials resulting in one-of-a-kind & limited-edition accessories. The vintage velvet choker with czech glass fringes is a very interesting piece. It is very lengthy and closes on the back with a large bow. Button lovers will appreciate the multicolor necklace made using vintage lucite buttons. Be sure to browse through all of Carla's new designs that are all works of art.


Tracy Simmons said...

These are gorgeous, but I don't see any way of buying them on the web site--am I missing something? :-)