Imageglow Candles - Discount Offer

Linda of Imageglow Candles was delighted to see so many readers' comments about their products on my recent post featuring their products & a giveaway. She was so delighted that she wants to offer you all a generous discount. Receive an introductory discount of 40% through February 21st by entering FUNKY at checkout. I have seen their products first-hand and can honestly say that you don't really grasp how cool they are until you try them. Plus, they are a great investment because they are reusable. Once the initial candles are consumed, you can continue using them with a tea light. Treat yourself or a friend today!


Tartsbymom said...

These are so cool. I am a candle maker and I have never seen these before.

cherry said...

these imageglow candles look beautiful and therefore the 40% discount is excellent.

however, they dont ship to the UK which is a pity as they would sell really well alongside our yankee candles and st-eval candles.

perhaps they will ship to europe soon?