Even Saint Valentine would appreciate these finds!

Only twelve days 'til Valentine's Day! Here's a few ideas for all the Cupids out there that need to do a little shopping.

1. Grams Gems, one of our participating Spring Fling vendors, has some great Murano heart pendants to choose from. Show some love year-round!

2. Another Spring Fling vendor, Dark Candles, offers unique gift sets that are perfect for men, as well as women. We have purchased a variety of scents from Dark Candles and have loved them all.

3. Julie Collings has several craft bits that are Valentine-themed. The Valentine girls and boys are charming.

4. Story of My Life also has some great Valentine craft items, including exclusive Lucky in Love clear stamps.

5. The tags found at Seasonal Delights are lovely. The Love Bird tags are especially nice.

6. The embroidered heart pocket by Aqua Art Studio is a sweet deal at only $5!

7. My Good Greetings offers terrific kid's Valentine's. The 4x5 inch 100% recycled content cards provides little ones with a "green" alternative for Valentine's Day.

8. Patti Holcombe of Dreaming Giggles Design has great Love-themed artwork available, as well as wreaths made using recycled wool sweaters.

9. I love the plush hearts by Dallas-based artist Christina Wezwick. Midnight Snack is a great source for fun fat-free treats!

10. I can think of nothing better than a little love monkey that is ready to wish you a happy Valentine's Day. Spirit Mama has lots of great polymer clay offerings.

11. If you just can't make up your mind, you might want the Love/hate earring set by Paw and Claw Designs.

12. Jennifer Squires is offering Valentine’s themed modern fine art photographs that will help illustrate the love you have for your sweetie.

13. Oh how I love the Valentine Love Pairs found in Rosie's Bears and Bitty Critters shop!

14. And, if you'd like to create your own sweet Valentine, don't miss all the wonderful projects featured on The Long Thread blog.


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