The Recovery

The Recovery is a unique company that works to provide the utmost care to those who have undergone surgery or recently given birth. Their line of all-in-one recovery kits takes the guesswork out of the search for the perfect recovery products. Taking care of women who have just given birth is important so that she is better able to care for her newborn. Some of the treasures found within the recovery kits are creams, salves and sprays that minimize stretch marks, scars and other postpartum ailments, luxury spa robes, chic c-section underwear, aromatherapy eye pillows, abdominal compression binders, postpartum recovery cds, reacher tools, spa candles, and gourmet organic chocolates. All-natural and organic products are used wherever possible and each kit is delivered within an eco-friendly reusable tote or beautiful designer diaper bag by Not Rational. As of now, The Recovery offers six different kits for new moms - three for c-section recovery and three for childbirth recovery. Receive a 15% discount on any item with coupon code funkyfinds15.


Zoe said...

Wow, what a lovely gift. I know I wasn't prepared for the idea of 'recovery' at all after I had my first daughter. Second time around healing was soooooo much quicker when I used specialist bath oils and spray.

Love your blog btw!