Yes No Maybe

It can be very hard at times to find accessories & apparel that reflect the individuality & unique style you wish to display. You don't like wearing the same thing as everyone else, obviously, or you wouldn't be frequenting Funky Finds! Yes No Maybe features bold, fresh and original London streetwear designed by artists all over the world from many generations. The product catalogue is full of cool items for men and women. I dig the heavyweight cotton tick flock duffle bag that is trimmed with faux battered leather. And the candysplat cap is perfect for casual days. I believe that many of the guys I know would agree that thinking hurts, don't you? The best news is that YNM has launched a site-wide 30% off sale for February so you can all still indulge in the delights of Yes No Maybe clothing regardless of your budget.


Apparel Bags And Briefcases said...

Aha! I love this.... Fashion is what I live for! The fashion industry is soo full of life and talent that it is a never ending fairy tale for us designers. Life literally is taken in a different course, a way of life to be lived with a smile because everything is beautiful, and if it isn't we're here to make sure it is :) There is no doubt that there is competition, but I think that the competition is great for the public, it keeps the beat alive on who has the hottest thing. But it's funny at the same time because because there is always a rise in this industry on the 'hottest' items. But, it's why we design! To always stay up to beat with our public's fashion! We must say that we enjoy it though :)

Bob said...

Yes No Maybe rules