Ji Ji Kiki

Ji Ji Kiki was started last June by Emma Coles. Her product line currently includes handmade kitsch and vintage jewelery, as well as gifts, housewares, bags and bath and beauty products. The hot pink leopard print bracelet is sure to spice up any ensemble & the earring collection ranges from funky to sophisticated. The kitschy housewares are also fun items that will give you a chuckle. I totally agree with the hard work clock, as well as the housework magnetic board. Check back next month as Emma will be launching a new line of unique and one off pieces of jewelery created using salvaged broken vintage jewelery. And, receive a 10% discount when using coupon code FUNKY10 at checkout.


Emma said...

Hi Jessica

Thank you so much for blogging about Ji Ji Kiki, really appreciate the support!

Emma x
Ji Ji Kiki

Beth Perry said...

Thank you so much, Jessica! I love my widget! So funky so fresh! You guys rocked it out! :P
About to blog about you now. hehee

Joey said...

those necklaces look fresh! i must have them!!!