Front Street Festival Recap

Saturday we attended the Front Street Festival in Arlington, Texas. I was happy to hear about this event as there are few shows in Arlington or nearby Fort Worth that showcase the work of indie artists and crafters. It was great to see several artists that I know, including Tamara of TP Design, Larry Pile the Kessler Craftsman, and Jill Whitfill. Jill is a talented potter that we had the pleasure of meeting at The Show Pony Show we sponsored this summer. She is also a member of the Texas Pottery & Sculpture Guild.

One of my favorite finds was Marla Cook of Uncommon Vessels. Marla creates the most unique works of art using gourds & other materials. The Temptation Angels and Gourd Hearted Women (pictured) were absolutely mesmerizing. I also love the shadow boxes Marla created.

Anna Rose Bain is a talented portrait artist whose work stopped me in my tracks. At first look, I thought she was a wonderful photographer. Of course I was mistaken because her portraits are so true to life they appear to be photographs. While looking at her booth we watched Anna paint a portrait from one of her wedding photos. It was stunning!

Another talented artist we had the pleasure of visiting with was Steve Moya. My friend Carey, who is a major KISS fan, was enamored with Steve's paintings of Ace Frehley. Steve has an extensive collection of paintings he has done of musicians, as well as sports figures & more. (Steve's artwork pictured)


Peachy Cheek said...

How fun. Thanks for sharing these pieces. When I first saw Anna Rose Bain's piece, I also thought it was a photograph!