Election Year Finds

1. Jonah Day's Baby Bib; 2. Anchor Apparel's Tee; 3. Eleni's New York political cookies; 4. Local Celebrity's Political Tees

Since we are in the midst of a United States Presidential Election, crafters have been making all sorts of crazy political-themed items. Jonah Day has a selection of hand-embroidered political baby bibs. She also created a political wristlet and box style bag giving you a stylish way to show your support.

Anchor Apparel has a cool tee declaring "To the polls, ye Sons of Freedom."

I have to say that political cookies are a new find for me. Eleni's New York has an extensive selection of uniquely decorated cookies.

Local Celebrity has fresh political shirts that they are ready to move. All of the humorous political tees are only $10! You can get an additional 20% off your entire order when you use the code CRACKKILLS. Don't wait, get these collectors items before they're all gone.

No matter which party you agree with, don't forget to rock the vote November 4!