Bazaar Bizarre - Part 4

(Clockwise: ClothMoth tee, Bonnie Rue, Ilee Custom Invitations, Freeforged Earrings, Attic Journals)

It was just last week that I was introduced to the cool clothing made by ClothMoth, so I was especially happy to meet Josh & Scott in person at Bazaar Bizarre. They recently released a design called Goodbye, Mother's Cookies in honor of the company who created those yummy cookies we all loved when we were children. Sadly, the company was recently shut down due to bankruptcy. Josh said he cannot keep this design in stock, so nab yours while you can. Craft Girls Get Me Hot is another great design that is fun & humorous. Receive 15% off your entire order of $20 or more with coupon code funkyfinds (expires November 15).

Joe & I met Bonnie Rue of Model Citizen Clothing last year at Stitch. It was great to see her again & meet her sweet Mom. My favorite product is the cool canvas tote bag featuring Bonnie's tigers & cupcakes artwork. She also has a great selection of tees & outerwear, such as Sew Excited.

Ilee Custom Invitations offers beautiful stationery & invitations that are letter pressed. Their website showcases many of their custom designs, as well as various styles of calligraphy.

FreeForged showcases the unmatched jewelry & metal designs created by Kristin Freeman. I love the nuclear earrings, as well as the moonstone earrings. And the Texas Twister necklace, which pays homage to our state's crazy weather patterns, is so unique.

These days more & more people are interested in upcycled goods - old items that have been repurposed into something new & useful. Michelle Sanders of Attic Journals uses hardbound vintage books, children's books, and cookbooks to create journals & pocket mirrors.