Kitschy Digitals

Danielle Thompson creates a fantastic line of digital art supplies that are inspired by vintage Japanese Kitsch and modern-day Kawaii. The digital kits are great for crafters of all kinds. The high-resolution downloads can be used in a wide varity of crafts, such as scrapbooking. Danielle recently released Halloween Treat-Topper and candy wrapper downloads that are perfect for your upcoming party. There's several digital kits that include patterned papers, embellishments & adorable girls named Olivia, Skyler & Matilda. She also sells some tangible products, such as gift tags and wrapping paper. I made the comment to this talented artist that her designs would make lovely embroidery projects (a hobby I'm currently obsessed with) and she said that is coming in the future. I can't wait!


Michelle said...

Oh my - Danielle rocks!! her digi kits are the best! :) And thanks for the swete words on my blog...good idea about the embroidery patterns from hubby's artwork..oh my word...I am stoked! I literally want to go embroider one of those right now!! lol

boutiquetucan said...

I went to visit this site and my malware protection popped up saying that this site could infect my computer with spam and malware...not recommended until this gets resolved.