Tan-je-reen Design

Melanie Gaffney owns the online stationery boutique Tan-je-reen Design. But before she is a small business owner, she is first and foremost a mommy to a wonderful little boy. Unfortunately, her wonderful little boy is also the inspiration for her latest creation, the Not So Naughty cards. These cards are a novel way to break the ice with other parents & hopefully forge a friendship in the end. Tan-je-reen also offers lots of great stationery that is perfect for gift giving and note sending. There are many designs to choose from that can be personalized, my favorite being the retro flowers. And, no matter what the occasion, you will find many great invitation designs, as well. Melanie has invites for weddings, children's parties and more. You definitely do not want to miss the Sweet Tanjereen section featuring stylish handmade gifts and accessories. Receive a 15% discount on your order with coupon code funkyfinds. Receive a 20% discount on orders of $75.00 or more with coupon code 20off75!