Whooga features a variety of sheepskin boots that utilize a very special grading of extremely thick and plush leathers which provide increased warmth. What I find most interesting is that the world's warmest boots are also the world's coolest. Whooga boots are even more effective at circulating cooler air during warmer days due to the natural properties of the thicker fleece they utilize. The site stocks the typical tall boots, as well as classic short and mini boots. There's also an elegance pair that is similar to the tall boot, but has increased durability and arch support for your feet. The weave boots may be my favorite design, especially the pink weave boots. And for those who really want to stand out from the crowd, check out the metallic boots! Whooga has generously offered a $30 discount to Funky Finds readers. Simply enter the code FUNKYFINDS in the promotional code box at time of check out.