While I generally post about funky handmade goods, sometimes I come across a great product that I just have to share. The Tassi is one such product. Tassi solves the problem all women have when they wash their face, put on makeup, get a massage, or do any kind of skin care or treatment - what to do with their hair! Their motto is Keep Your Hair Outta There! It's great because it won't flatten, twist or mess up hair like headbands, clips & ponytails will. The short video on their homepage quickly demonstrates how easy to use the Tassi is and exactly what it is for. I have enjoyed using mine while soaking in the tub, washing my face and putting on makeup. This affordable product is available in twelve colors and when you order two or more you receive free shipping. This is one fun(ky) product you are sure to enjoy.


Inka said...

that´s an awesome product!
great idea. :)