Project TransAction

Most Valentine's gifts and sales I find focus primarily on girly things no man would really want to receive. That is why I was so happy to learn of Project TransAction's Valentine's Day Sale that begins today (January 19). All leather goods are 20% off and new items are being listed daily. Project TransAction now offers a wider variety of hand-tinted, eco-friendly leather dyes. Men will like the red/black target cuff made of recycled thick oxblood colored branded leather. I love the screen printed cuffs, such as the typewriter and periodic table cuffs. The Mariposa Studded Cuff is a feminine cuff featuring thinner leather, screen printing, and a mix of brass, steel, and black steel studs. The new design crisscrosses over the wrist for a less rigid look. And for those who are seeking a unique V-Day gift experience, Project TransAction is offering His/Hers cuffs with personalized inscriptions.