Winemaker's Sister

OMG! I am so thrilled to announce the opening of the Winemaker's Sister Etsy shop. It is so odd that I came across this today on Flickr, as I am wearing one of the awesome Hogwarts bracelets today! Let me tell you firsthand, this bracelet is so awesome. I love mine! I am also adoring the pumpkin bracelet & the wine country notecards. This crafter is so talented. I can't wait to see all the brilliant things this shop will offer in the future!


Jihan said...

Funky Girl!
I just got home from a Business trip to Boston... and I have a sticker from UPS saying that I have a package in the main office of my apartment building... but I leave for work before it opens and I come home after it closes so I'm going to have to run home during lunch to get it!!!
I'm soooo excited to get it! Thanks again! I know I'll love it!

susan said...