The Peach

The Peach is an adorable Etsy shop featuring vintage & handmade goodies. I'm always drawn to items featuring images of Vespas, and the pink & black scooter clutch is no exception. I also love the scooter mini skirt & the fabulous party dress! So fun & unique. Some of my favorite vintage items include the mod frosted tea glasses and the glass table set. And wouldn't any wee one be adorable in the polka dot doggie onsie? I think so!


Freckled Nest said...

Right now on Martha Stewart, they've got tons of Chiuauas (sp?) dressed up in halloween costumes! You would die!
;) LA
And Martha keeps calling the Chawowow's. It's funny.

Karen Beth said...

Love The Peach too! She has some of the neatest vintage finds!

ann-marie said...

ooooh VERY cute stuff ;)