Accessory à la Mode

Deb McGovern creates fabulous hand-stamped jewelry which she sells in her Etsy shop Accessory à la Mode. This line of artisan jewelry is inscribed by hand for the dreamer within. The personalized pieces are blended with sterling silver & vintage metals & include meaningful messages, such as Never Say Never. You can choose from a variety of styles ranging from rings to bracelets. Some of my favorite pieces are Increase the Peace, personalized key chains, and the key charm pendant. These unique & individual designs make wonderful gifts for any occasion.


hrsj said...

you have a lovely blog, thank you for sharing all your finds with us! I like that the interesting messages of this jewelry.

Kim said...

I have bought a couple of pieces and they are STUNNING!!!

Lacy H. said...

whooooo hoo! I LOVE this! *ponders buying when she has money!