Indiepublic's 2nd Anniversary

Indiepublic is an independent art and design community that I am a member of & is free to join. Once you join the site, you get your own page which can be used to interact with Indiepublic's 14,000+ members, promote your businesses, and your art. To celebrate the community's 2nd Anniversary, the group is holding daily raffles that will begin Saturday, August 1. The exact number of raffles depends on how many gift items are donated to the event.

When you purchase a raffle ticket, you are automatically entered into each raffle held throughout the month. Winners will be chosen by a random number generator. Tickets can be purchased via PayPal using the links below:

Purchase 1 ticket for $1

Purchase 10 tickets for $8.50 (save 15%)

Purchase 25 tickets for $20.00 (save 20%)

Purchase 50 tickets for $37.50 (save 25%)

Purchase 100 tickets for $65.00 (save 35%)

Each day new and different items will be raffled off! A list of ticket numbers with the first name and city of the ticket holder will be posted prior to randomly drawing a number using a random number generator. You can purchase tickets right up until the final day of the month but the sooner you purchase your tickets, the sooner you can start having a chance to win!