Ikvotha Mashiach

Ikvotha Mashiach showcases the work of Rhode Island-based designer & seamstress Gabrielle. Working with a combination of vintage and new fabrics & materials, Gabrielle strives to make the world a more beautiful & unique place. As small girls, many daydreamed of being a princess at a tea party. Why do those dreams have to die as we grow older? With the TeaCup Pink Princess Corset dress we can continue the dream! If pink foofoo isn't your style, perhaps the minimalist London Sky Silk Grecian Style Skirt is. The Dollhouse Blue Satin Dress is a sophisticated design that will take your career to the next level. And, if you're looking for a really unique bargain, don't miss the Pretty Pieces Summer Skirt that is priced at just $10! Receive 10% off any item with coupon code yapa1.