Indie Business Online Workshop

Leigh-Ann Keffer of Freckled Nest and Jill Munro of Lune Vintage are slated to teach an Indie Business online workshop beginning on September 3. These successful business owners have been involved in both the online and local small business market for a combined total of 16 years. The course will consist of 25 sessions related to Starting, Surviving and Succeeding in a Small Creative Business for both local and online companies. There will also be lots of great giveaways throughout the course that will enhance your business. Complete details can be found on Freckled Nest.

Workshop includes:
1) 25 Topics to Develop your Small Business from Start to Success
2) 1 on 1 Brainstorming Chat with Each Student
3) Live Online Interview/Q&A with Leigh-Ann and Jill
4) Pre-Recorded Videos Augmenting some Session Topics
5) Ongoing Q&A thru out the Workshop
6) Business Building Giveaways


Leigh-Ann said...

Thanks Jess! We're so excited for class to begin!

Love LA

Addison said...

Bundle of thanks for such a great offer hare. can you let me know about some discount offers about these products?