Wedding Finds

It seems unbelievable that Joe’s wedding & mine was well over a month ago. We were in full-on planning mode for so long, then, all of a sudden, it was over! I really wanted to incorporate a few funky finds into our wedding. Of course, it began as a small affair in Las Vegas, but ended up being a traditional ceremony in our church. But it worked out for the best & we had a ball.

About a month before our wedding, we met up with Kim for a photo shoot. We were thrilled that she was enthusiastic about incorporating our dogs, Abby & Bradley, into the photos. She took photos at several local parks & we were very pleased with the outcome. We framed many of the photos for display at our wedding reception to use as décor.

Jessie Olsen of Cakespy is a talented artist with a fabulous sense of humor. Her work depicts cupcakes doing every day activities, as well as other scenarios. One of my favorite pieces is the Sex & the City cupcakes! Jessie created a custom portrait of Joe and me with our laptop computers (Funky Finds can be seen on mine), our “pupcakes,” and enjoying the outdoors. We proudly displayed the framed illustration at our wedding reception & now in our home.

One of the first images I found online prior to the wedding was one of a wedding bouquet adorned with a ribbon & vintage brooch. I knew that Priscilla at Sweet Remembrance would surely have something perfect to use on my bouquet. And I was right! She sent me a beautiful rhinestone brooch & a large rhinestone button to use.

Originally I had planned on wearing a non-traditional dress that I purchased online from Delia’s. The pink & silver was the basis for our wedding décor and I really wanted to dress it up with custom designed jewelry. Randi-Sue Deckard, the jewelry mastermind behind Designing Diva, designed a gorgeous set of earrings & a necklace that matched my dress to a T. Although I ended up wearing a more traditional gown for our ceremony, I wore the pink & silver dress with Randi-Sue’s jewelry while traveling to Las Vegas for our honeymoon. I got many compliments on my ensemble & accessories!

I designed our invitations based on the silver & pink floral pattern in the dress from Delia’s. I actually had them printed at Office Depot & was pleased with the quality and affordability. I found Paperworks online and ordered white envelopes with a beautiful silver lining that were very affordable. I goofed when placing our order & chose a gold lining by mistake. I contacted customer service via email & received a quick response with a correction to our order. I was relieved!

I have always loved Chinese paper lanterns, as well as cherry blossoms. I really wanted to use paper lanterns to decorate our reception hall. I purchased solid pink and silver lanterns, as well as cherry blossom printed lanterns, from Asian Ideas that fit perfectly with our casual pink & silver theme. I also purchased Chinese takeout boxes from Uline, a great wholesale resource for packaging items, and used these for our favors. We filled the boxes with coffee bean sachets that smelled wonderful, as well as special fortune cookies purchased from Terry’s Village. We also purchased an autograph plate from Terry’s Village as an alternative to a guest book.

I thoroughly enjoyed finding all the small bits that made our special day even more memorable. If you’re looking to add a bit of originality to your wedding or another special occasion, purchasing handmade goods is a great way to do so.


kimi said...

oh my gosh!! thank you so much for the mention! i love the fortune cookie idea! congrats again to the both of you and hope to see you soon!!

Dallas Designing-Diva said...

Jessica & Joe...
Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing a behind the scenes look at your special day.....and of course for trusting me to design a necklace.

AnastasiaC said...

Congratulations on your wedding!! exciting!!

JeanetteS said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful details. I love the colors you chose. And the wedding cake you selected is just beautiful. My favorite is the dress you chose.

Congratulations and best wishes for continued wedded bliss for many years to come.