Nina Frye and Cindi Schmitzer have seven kids under the age of 12 between them. In 2006, they traded in their everyday jobs to pursue the challenges of raising children. After having children these women realized that sometimes motherhood isn't exactly what they "dreamed" it would be! Their line of tees for moms, Living the Dream, depict a somewhat frazzled mom who manages to keep a smile on her face during all the different tasks of a mom's daily life - whether she is a stay-at-home mom or balancing the responsibilities of office and home. Their alternative, fun clothing line is custom designed exclusively for modern moms with a sense of humor. The 100% cotton shirts feature a variety of tongue-in-cheek illustrations depicting the daily trials of today's Mom. Living the Dream targets women contending with the fact that motherhood isn't exactly what they expected it to be. These shirts show Mom in a variety of typical situations -- buried in laundry, managing the chaos of grocery shopping with multiple kids, accepting the futility of housecleaning and cruising in her mini-van with all the offspring in tow. "These shirts are a fun way for us to laugh at ourselves and at the wacky situations we find ourselves in on a daily basis," Schmitzer says. Frye adds, "The Mom on our shirts is overwhelmed like so many of us can be. But she's happy, and she keeps the family going. She really is 'Living the Dream' - just not exactly the dream she expected." LTDChix is dedicated to continually adding unique designs, like the great Halloween tee. Receive a 15% discount by entering 14blog in the coupon code section at checkout (expires September 30).