Ma! Motherhood With Attitude

Most mothers will tell you that they love their job of being a mom, but that it isn't all glitz & glamour. Ma! Motherhood With Attitude depicts motherhood as the chaotic, crazy adventure that it truly is. Janalee Chmel and Tiffany Hauber set out to create fun products Moms can relate to. Their shop is the ideal place to find distinctive greeting cards perfect for moms of all walks of life. My favorite card is the Top 5 List which indicates the top five (humorous) ways you know you are talking to a Mom. However, the notepads may be the wittiest products. I'm sure every Mom who has made a trip to the grocery store with precious toddlers in tow can relate to the statement, "Starvation vs. Grocery Shopping With Children - A Tough Call!" The newest offering from this creative duo are the build your own card sets. And why not brighten a friend's day with a free ecard? Enter the September Giveaway for your chance to win a pack of cards and two notepads from Ma! Motherhood With Attitude.