Hilary Hitchcock Photography

Hilary Hitchcock is a talented photographer who has a way of photographing places & making you feel like you are there. Her images that were shot in Missouri are vibrant and detailed. Having grown up in a rural area, I especially relate to the photos Hilary took in Kansas. She has a terrific eye for making the ordinary look extraordinary. I would love to see the process in which Hilary creates Polaroid transfers & emulsion lifts. These images are hauntingly beautiful. Enter the September Artwork & Photography giveaway for your chance to win matted photographs from Hilary Hitchcock Photography.


Emily Adams said...

There's an award floating around called the "I *love* your blog" award and I nominated you. It's basically a tagging thing, but you were my in my top seven favorite blogs. If you want to see you can go to my blog: www.emilyhadams.blogspot.com

Again - love your blog & thanks for the daily inspiration!