Magpie Mary

One definition of a magpie is a person who collects or hoards things. I try my best to avoid being a magpie, but when looking at my craft room some may say I'm just that. I guess most people have some "magpie tendencies." Those who do can relate to the wonderful Magpie Mary shop that is full of miscellaneous treasures ranging from rubber stamps to vintage game numbers. All the lovely items in the vintage jar of tiny things especially piqué my interest. And being the paper hoarder that I am I am extremely tempted to purchase the 60s magazine ads! Have a look at all the interesting & diverse items Magpie Mary has to offer. And receive 15% off (less shipping) until September 30 with discount code FUNKY9. Enter code in the "message to seller" section, check out as usual, and a reimbursement will be made through PayPal.


Dallas Designing-Diva said...

OMG, I'm a magpie too who suffers from creative clutter!

Great stuff!

Kristen =) said...

Oh I love this stuff.... thanks for the discount code. I might be using that code when I buy some of these great things.