ManCards for the Thoughtful Gent

I hadn't given it much thought before, but it truly is hard to find masculine note cards. Joe has to use my flowery, girly stationery if he needs to write a note to someone. That's pretty lame! Apparently Kara Magrin felt the same way. Tired of parting with her boutique stationery, she enlisted her husband to help her design a line of manly cards. ManCards for the Thoughtful Gent offers a masculine-casual collection of folded note cards and envelopes that are perfect for sending to family, friends, colleagues and potential business clients. The cards are recreated from original artwork by Kara's husband Michael. I love that the cards come in a utilitarian style metal case. And these cards aren't just for men to use. They are perfect for women to send to men, as well.


Commercial Lighting said...

The ManCards has testosterone written all over it. Jill