Miss Sugar Pops

Rachel Hart creates unique items that have lots of spunk & pizazz. Inspired by her daughter, Rachel strives to make the best, the trendiest, and the cutest things for your little Sugar Pops to wear. Miss Sugar Pops showcases apparel & accessories, as well as distinctive art dolls. Lushy Plushies are modern day rag dolls that are made from scratch using a pattern hand drawn by Rachel Hart. Each funky doll is numbered & signed and are great for play or display. I love Ellie's colorful tutu dress. And Zelda Boo is the perfect gift for a young girl this Halloween. Be sure to enter the September Giveaway for your chance to win your choice of a Lushy Plushy from Miss Sugar Pops.


Anonymous said...

My daughter has a Lushy Plushy and she LOVES it! Rachel is wonderful to work with and her attention to detail is amazing. I highly recommend all of Miss Sugar Pops products!!