HomeGrownMarket.com is a place where you can buy a variety of handmade items from American based crafters. You will find everything from sweaters to jewelry to home decor and much more. There are so many items on this site to choose from, but I will highlight a few of my favorites. I love these shoe diva notecards, this beautiful fabric & ribbon belt, and these great Christmas ornaments. The cucumber eye cream sounds fabulous, too. I find it very handy that you can search by occassion or by price range, as well as purchase e-gift certificates and set up a registry for any occassion. (Pictured are the black & mango dinner napkins)


Plastic said...

Man all the new stuff rocks!!!!!!
Keep up the good work, and have a great weekend.

Jes said...

I'm very excited, as I think I will be selling some wares through tthe Home Grown market! I love what they stand for!

PS...LOVE your Halloween banner!


hiphostess said...

Absolutely love the black and mango dinner napkins! Thanks for the intro to HomeGrownMarket.com too - great website!