Cherylasmith is an Etsy shop full of sweet things stitched by hand. There are several cool items that are perfect for Halloween, including the plush Halloween cupcake, the skeleton finger puppets, and this great Halloween brooch. It's been a while since I've spotted any fabulous monkey goods, so I was very happy to find these cute monkey finger puppets. They are adorable, as is the blue octopus! Also, don't miss the handstitched boo pillow.


Cheryl Wray said...

I love your Halloween banner!!! Too cute!!

Jenny Holiday said...

Ohh I am already a big fan!! She did some custom plush cupcakes for me...soo perfect!! LOVE her!! I highly recommend checking her stuff out!!
xoxo Jenny

hiphostess said...

these finger puppets are WAY too cute! Love the monkey ones too :)