No Intention of Giving Up - Katie Brown Fundraiser

While reading the Craft Mafia blog recently I learned of a very intense situation. Katherine Brown, the founder of the San Antonio Craft Mafia, is fighting glioblastoma. In layman's terms, that's stage 4 brain cancer. The San Antonio group has been touched deeply by her illness and they are holding a benefit for Kat and her children. If you live in the San Antonio area, or know someone who does, please inform them about the the event. For more information about Kat and her illness you can read articles in the San Antonio Express News and The Handmade News.

WHAT: NO INTENTION OF GIVING UP - Katie Brown Fundraiser
WHEN: Sunday, July 26, 4-8 pm
WHERE: Tiki Lounge at El Tropicano Hotel, 110 Lexington Ave., San Antonio
ETC: Music by Austin's Turbo 350. Free refreshments and pay-as-you-go bar (all proceeds go to the Trust Fund). Kat's art and jewelry will be for sale - take this chance to get an original piece of assemblage art. Donations for Kat and her children also accepted. Every penny counts.