Clutch That!

Clutch That! features beautiful clutches by talented seamstress Rosemary. It's impressive enough that she has seven children ranging in age from 5-34 years old. Add to that the energy & talent to create such lovely designs & I'm super impressed! The Burgundy Red clutch is a luxurious accessory that is made using high-end, upholstery-grade velour with a unique braided and tassel detail. The Peacock Clutch Purse in teal and gold silk is an eye-catching piece that will definitely add pizazz to your wardrobe, as will the clutch featuring a real Peacock feather. Brides will certainly love the Blushing Bride and Timeless Rose designs. These clutches also make wonderful gifts for bridesmaids, hostesses, and others.


Sally said...

I totally love is purse.
Way cute!