Deb Taylor

Deb Taylor is a Texas gal that is very talented in the way of photography. Born & raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Deb has lived all over the world only to return to her roots. She now enjoys her life as a Bed & Breakfast owner, artist and photographer. She hosts a variety of art retreats for women at Heritage Haus Bed & Breakfast and her work has been published in several magazines. Deb's blog showcases her wonderful photographs, as well as details of her crafty endeavors and upcoming workshops. One of my favorite projects posted on her blog is the Pockets of Dreams dress featuring Deb's photographs of young girls in Isla Mujeres where she lived in Mexico. The dress pays homage to innocent victims that were murdered and did not have a chance to grow up. View more of Deb Taylor's photography on Flickr.


deb did it said...

WOW! I am flattered and thrilled to be featured here...THANK y'all come on over and see me, ya hear?