Lindy Sue's

I can't say that the words laundry and chic naturally go together in my mind. But at Lindy Sue's you will find exclusive handcrafted laundry chic and more. The Laundry 101 toolkit is the perfect gift for any graduate this spring. And who knew a clothes pin bag could be so stylish? For those who travel frequently, the adorable shoe bag & dainties travel bag are must haves. I tend to be a tad messy, so the Come Clean travel kit would also come in very handy. This site also has lots of cute little items including the retro dishtowel set and tins filled with multiple decorative magnets. And for all of you who want to get the ultimate in cleanliness, there's Lindy Sue's very own laundry soap. It even comes in an adorable drawstring bag complete with Lindy Sue's classic laundry pin-up girl.